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How do I engage the right VA?

You’ve finally worked out what you want to outsource to a Virtual Assistant. Next question is, how do I find the right VA for me?

There are a few options available to you. Look online and you’ll find a lot of cheap overseas options and while these might be tempting, you should have a good look at the list of what you want help with. If it’s a simple logo or data entry into excel then Fiverr or could be the way for you.

If however you want a VA who can grow with your business, I would suggesting doing some research whilst also asking for recommendations from friends, colleagues and family! There are loads and loads of VAs out there and they all come with their own specialties or niches. You might be looking for a Social Media whiz or someone with a finance background that can help you with filing your BAS. Someone who can help you with your blog. Or maybe someone to take care of your overflowing emails for you.

Once you’ve found a couple of VAs, schedule a coffee with them, or a Skype call. Don’t be afraid if you find someone who is not down the road, or in the same city, or country as you. You’re looking for the right person, with the right skill set and as VAs are Virtual you don’t need to be close to each other. If I’m scheduling your Social Media posts, I don’t need to be in the same city as you - we just need to be able to access and share files.

Lastly if that all sounds too hard, touch base with me. If I can’t help you I can try and help find someone who can.

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