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What is a Virtual Assistant?

I’ve finally started my Virtual Assistant business and the main question I get asked is “What is a VA?” followed very closely by “But what do you do exactly?”.

To answer the first question - What is a VA? VAs or Virtual Assistants, are people who were Office Administrators, Executive, or Personal Assistants who now run their own businesses in the luxury of their own home or local cafe, or wherever!

In my case, I relocated to a new country and after taking some time off to settle in, I decided to start my own VA business.

But what do I do? The short answer to this - anything that you would normally ask your PA/EA to do I can do however from the comfort of my home, not your office. This can also include being involved in projects like helping you decide which software and/or online programs to use, I can do the research and offer advice. If you’re not sure what to outsource I can look over your task list and take the tasks I know I can help you with.

The benefit of using a VA is you don’t have to pay for my overheads, there’s no annual leave, sick leave or any other HR costs to cover. The best thing - you only pay for the time you use, so if you don’t have anything that you need doing we take a break and then when work picks up again, you can get in touch and we continue on.

Why would you use a VA? As someone who is running their own business you know the value of your time. Instead of doing the menial admin task that seems to take so much longer than they should, pass them onto me and I’ll do them for you. As admin is my passion I will get the task done a lot quicker as I will be focused on doing just that task.


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